Trophy Tree

In 2019, Phil Akashi created is first artwork on the blockchain for the project Draw me a Tree which links regeneration, art and blockchain.


Draw me a Tree is born from a collaboration between Natural Pact and Nature Economy and Conservation, active in Land Art reforestation and Nature conservation.

Artists create artworks called trophy trees that are exhibited on the Internet through the blockchain network. Collectors will receive the artwork in digital format and will act for biodiversity conservation by becoming the sponsor, for all their life cycle, of a trophy tree and 9 other primary trees in Natural Pact’s green valley.


They will also receive tokens, which fund Natural Pact so that they can regenerate biodiversity. In the medium term, the best artworks of "Draw me a Tree" will also be exhibited in an international art gallery and in a digital art book. 


 “By participating in this project, I take part in a unique artistic experience which makes a real impact and helps biodiversity’s regeneration. Draw me a Tree project aims to regenerate biodiversity, decarbonize the sky, and transform our future into natural art.”

Phil Akashi



Phil Akashi Trophy Tree blockchain

Phil Akashi

b. 1978 

Phil Akashi Trophy tree, Hong Kong, 2019

Stamped on the lower right - Signed, titled and dated (on the reverse)

Ink on Hahnemühle Fine Art paper with seal imprints with Chinese character: 春/ “spring”

120 x 100 cm (124 x 104 cm framed)



Phil Akashi Trophy Tree blockchain


The artist uses a traditional Chinese seal to imprint the characters spring (春) in a repetitive and meditative way. The spring is relative to the element "Wood" in one of the hallmarks of the traditional Chinese philosophy, the theory of the Five Elements (五行). 


The Five Elements, which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, represent the tangible activities of Yin and Yang as manifested in the cyclic changes of nature, which regulate life on earth. These elements correspond to energy, also known as Qi (气) in each season. Water dominates in winter (冬) and nourishes plants and trees (wood) in spring (春); wood makes fire in summer (夏) which burns into ashes to form earth in late summer; late summer is the fifth season and is seen as a transitional time (中); earth is the source of metal in autumn (秋); metal can be melted into liquid or condensed to water. This is the cyclic and natural order.